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          Tongue River Winery         

                                      Quality Made Wines with fruit exclusively from the Northern Plains!  

Fruit Wanted!

As we grow, we are in need of additional sources of fruit other than our own. The following are prices we'll pay for clean, delivered fruit. We'll gladly come and get picked and bagged fruit in the Miles City area for the same price. If you have a lot of fruit and cannot deliver and live further away, please call us at 406-853-1028 so we can consider whether or not it is useful for us.

If you have fruit you don't want to pick, we'll harvest it ourselves if we need more of that variety and have the time. We don't usually pay for fruit we pick because of the additional labor.

Make sure your fruit is fully ripe before picking. Cherries, plums, raspberries and rhubarb (cut into 1/2" to 1" pieces) is best bagged and frozen. Apples and pears we want fresh. Grapes fresh or frozen are fine.

Contact us ahead of time so we can inspect, taste test the fruit and make ripeness recommendations. We will not pay for fruit that does not meet our specifications. For example, underripe fruit, flavorless or bitter apples, cherries with lots of leaves and stems.

We are especially interested in long-hanging apples for apple ice wine. These must be inspected by us and frozen on the tree when picked.

If you have bagged, frozen or freezable fruit you wish to donate (not apples or pears) a freezer is located outside the winery for your convenience. Make sure you mark the bags with date and type/variety. If you have clean apples and pears to donate, feel free to leave them outside the winery garage doors.

Please, no moldy, spoiled infested or underripe fruit of any sort!

Our Price List for 2011 (clean, picked, bagged, delivered) Call ahead so we can meet you and pay you:

Apples: $.25 per pound.

Cherries: $1.00 per pound for nanking, Sand Cherries, chokecherries.

Grapes: $.30 per pound. Must be at least 23° Brix (we'll check for you before you pick.)

Pears: $.50 per pound.

Wild Plums: $.75 per pound.

Raspberries: $1.25 per pound. Pick ripe, freeze immediately, don't wash!!

Rhubarb: $.50 per pound. No leaves, washed and cut.

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"I first tasted your wines when my daughter in-law brought me a few(6)bottles when she and my son came for a visit here in Northern CA about 6 years ago and I was hooked, I so lo..."

Bernadine Langer

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"We visited late on a Monday morning and had a wonderful time. The staff was friendly and very informative about each of their wines and the processes involved with making them. ..."

Steve & Marsha

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